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  Th3maz1ng 2c10a560bc Disabled the serial, output, reduced the transmit power and set the sleep duration back to 1 min 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng 6b9c05a69d Updated a delay value for testing purposes 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng bad438287b Corrected a typo in a comment and added some explanatory comments 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng 955aa7a8dd Added the app program which runs on the device once everything was properly tested with the test app and is functional. 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng 201819f2ef Added the packet_format.h file which contain the definition of the various header values 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng e7325a04a3 Updated the definition.h file : added the data structure which is what is sent over the air by the radio module 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng a86ed2d318 Replaced two methods with a new one ie temperatureAndATMPressureFromBMP280 and added a missing delay to let the 3V3 rail stabilize 4 months ago
  Th3maz1ng d958d5f8c2 Updated the test.ino program to use the new temperatureAndATMPressureFromBMP280 method 4 months ago
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  Th3maz1ng dada1c9354 Added the cached lib for custom components 4 months ago
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