Dual NRF24l01 gateway based on the popular ESP8266
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What is it ?

It's a dual NRF24L01+ gateway based on the popular ESP8266. This project is used to receive the data from the weather station presented here and future projects as well.

The app is still under development but a schematic of the circuit is already available in the schematic folder of this repository or here :-).

Planned feature :

  • OTA Firmware Updates with hourly checks or triggered remotely by the user.
  • WEB Dashboard to access settings and data.
  • Gateway LED status.
  • Two NRFs as two receivers to listen on two different channels or one receiver and one sender.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at : bugreport[at]laposte[dot]net

Here are some pictures of the receiver's PCB and enclosure :

PCB top view :

PCB back view :

The PCB in it's box witht the two NRFs :